Night Blind Hunt

Blind hog hunt

Our Night blind hog hunts are an entry level hunt. This is the most affordable hunt and can be booked for a single hunter. The blind hunt is also a great addition to a Hog shoot if you are looking to do multiple days/hunts.

We set you up in the blind a couple hours before sundown and hunt until 10:00 PM. You sit quietly inside the blind until the hogs come out to eat. You will have ample time to set up and take a shot. If there are multiple people in your group in one blind it’s best to coordinate a simultaneous shot.

We can’t guarantee the hogs will come out of the woods during a blind hunt. So many things factor into the hogs activities; ambient light, time of year, weather conditions, foreign smells or sounds.

It is up to the hunter to control as many of the factors they can such as being quiet, not wearing perfumes, not smoking. You can do what you like as it is your hunt but these will directly effect the odds of success.