About our Team

We are dedicated to your Texas hog hunting experience.

Family owned and operated since 2003

Hog hunts in Texas

Todd V
Texas hog hunts include our favorite pastimes, getting into the woods, hunting, and shooting guns. We always look forward to sharing this with our customers.

Hog hunting

Troy V
We started guiding hog hunts with one goal in mind, to provide everyone access to the hunting experience. We’ve made many lasting friendships with our hunters. Texas hog hunting isn’t just a passion it’s a way of life for us.

Terry V

Terry is the old man, my dad, who helped make this all possible. Together we decided to dedicate our property and guiding experience to the public. We have done our part to educate future generations of hunters.

Hog hunting in Texas

Josh M
Josh is our most veteran guide. He provides hunters the guidance they need to have a successful hunt. We’ve guided thousands of customers through the woods in the last decade and continue to love what we do.

Hog hunting in Texas

Brad M
Brad is our 2nd most veteran guide. He is great at guiding hunters through the woods. He also keeps all our equipment running and builds new structures around the ranch.

hog hunting

Eric K

Eric is one of our awesome Hog Hunting guides. He is very knowledgeable of firearms and the layout of the property. We’ve guided dozens of successful hunts together and we are lucky to have him on our team of experienced guides.

Lane B

Lane is another up and coming guide. He’s interning with us from Texas A&M, insert aggie jokes here, where he is completing his studies in Wildlife Management.